Music Marketing


Music is a fickle old business. Where the road to success was once a shimmering gold record on a wall, the industry is now concerned with how many YouTube views and Spotify streams your latest single got.

So how does music work in the digital age? That’s what we’re going to find out at this BDX event.

We’ll have speakers who make music websites, organise large scale musical events and even sell vinyl (a very analogue product) on a digital medium.

And don’t forget, if you’re keen about music and want to pick the brains of those in Glasgow, get down to BDX and do a  bit of networking. You’ll never know who you might meet.

Speakers for this BDX are:

halina rifai
Halina Rifai
Someone who likes their music a lot. And blogs about it on some of the biggest music sites in Glasgow. She runs Podcart, which is worth checking out as it is fantastic.

richy muirhead
Richy Muirhead
Founder of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and one of the sharpest brains in Glasgow for all things music.

ross barber
Ross Barber
Ross aka Electric Kiwi makes websites for bands and musicians who need a really nice looking site, which is good as that’s exactly what he does.

Grant Ruxton SEO
Grant Ruxton
One of the minds behind BDX and also Vinyl Press, who will be talking about what it takes to sell something completely analogue (custom made vinyls) in the digital world.