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Menabrea UK

Our supporter – Menabrea UK – provides BDX events with quality Italian beer.

Addititve free, it is the only Italian lager still brewed using a completely natural ‘slow fermentation’ process, that makes use of spring water from the Alps and ingredients from the Czech Republic, Germany and France.

Unlike mass produced beer, no water is later added to standardise the alcohol content. The results are a testament to eight generations of brewing expertise by the Menabrea family – a full bodied beer with a light colour and optimum flavour.

Come by to one of our events for a taste!

Boyd Digital

Boyd Digital supports various events and sports teams in Glasgow area.
The company is specialised in SEO, Audit, Content marketing and other aspects of Digital Marketing, serving large international companies as well as local brands.

Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network

SEN is the one stop shop for Strathclyde students, alumni and staff who are keen to develop enterprise skills or are looking to form and grow new businesses. Tasked with nurturing entrepreneurial talent, supporting new ventures and celebrating success, SEN is cultivating bold, innovative and imaginative people and companies – the talent of tomorrow.

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