How To Be The Best Speaker @ BDX

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Speaking at BDX

BDX is unlike other networking and meetup events in Glasgow. We hate the idea of spending a day at work and then thinking we’ll have to keep our work hats on for at least another few hours. So when you come to BDX, there are a few rules to follow.

1. No Pitching
Of course everyone needs to know what company you’re from, but trying to sell a room full of people your product won’t go down well. We hold a simple motto ‘Pitches Get Stitches’ and wholeheartedly stick to it. We don’t mind a few company mentions to illustrate a point in your slide, but don’t take the biscuit.

2. No Suits
We want BDX to be a truly informal affair, so showing up in a suit and tie like it’s a job interview won’t be of any use. And we’re in a pub after all, so stick on your favourite pair of Sambas, rock up in a pair of dad-jeans and join us by the bar.

3. Teach Us
You have a captive audience made up of people who want to hear what you have to say and learn from it to. Think of it as your opportunity to teach people at least one little nugget of information. You’d be surprised how many people learn an amazing new thing that you probably do day after day and think is the most ordinary thing in the world.

4. Keep it Short
BDX is like a locomotive and we don’t slow down for anyone. Presentation need to be between 5 to 10 minutes long in order to keep everyone’s attention (and sanity) in check. And you’ll be answering question afterwards so it always helps to leave the crowd wanting more

5. Smile & Be Yourself
Yes we’ve invited you because you work for a great company, but don’t feel pressured to stand there like employee of the month. Just be yourself and you’ll enjoy the experience, which is what we want from each and every person who comes to BDX.

And don’t forget to get involved when you come. BDX is built on relationships between like minded people and we want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Oh, if you are speaking, we need your slides in advance to give them a good check and get them ready to put up on site after the event.