Last Night’s Slides: Drinks Marketing

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If you missed out on BDX last night, don’t worry! We have all the slides you need right here.

Firstly we’d like to thank all our speakers and guests for attending last night. All of the presentations we seen last night were incredible and it’s safe to say everyone in the room learned at least a few dozen new tips they can take and use in the work approach.

Let’s look at some of the slides.

Hannah Fisher talked about how all brands, no matter what industry, need to turn to digital to increase brand visibility.

Mhairi Macleod from Lux taught everyone how not to kill a brand, which is a good thing as giving a presentation on how to kill one would be mental.

Andrew Dobbie gave an amazing presentation on how product photography is incredibly important. It made everyone in the room feel terrible about their Photoshop skills.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came last night and took part in BDX!