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Grant Ruxton hosts the next BDX Workshop on Tuesday 28th April

Why come to a BDX SEO Workshop in Glasgow?

Everyone who runs a business should at least have some understanding of what role SEO plays in helping their site reach its potential. It isn’t rocket science although it can be daunting for those who are approaching this area with little to no experience.

By taking part in a BDX workshop and getting a few hours under your belt, you’ll be able to learn SEO and do your own SEO for less than it will cost to pay someone to do it.

BDX Local SEO Workshop takes place over the course of just half a day. You’ll learn new things, figure out what role online plays for your business and, more importantly, learn to outperform competitors.

—–Save money long-term—–

This event has been priced at a favourable rate, which ensures value and access to your clients. It is important to note that the rate of the workshop is in fact four times lower than the average agency day rate. We will be teaching you the key skills and tactics used by successful agencies, which in turn will save you time on all aspects of site management.

——Learn how your site ranks—–

Here is what our Local SEO Workshop entails:


An Introduction to Local SEO
(30 minutes)

Find out what local listings are
Learn about enhanced search results
Learn what a Google My Business listing is
Learn what schematic mark-up does for a site
See the importance of NAP data and citations for a business.


Figuring Out Your Priorities
(60 minutes)

Accuranker setup and reporting
Begin tracking your ranking
See how to monitor traffic and conversions
Get to grips with Google Analytics
Implement a local SEO dashboard for your business
Create a local SEO custom segment


Google My Business: Step by Step
(60 minutes)

Creating of a Google My Business Page
Optimisation of a Google My Business page
Linking Google My Business and Google+
NAP/ Schema mark-up creation and implementation


How To Build Citations
(60 Minutes)

Introduction to Bright Local
Finding and improving incorrect citations
Making a citation creation Strategy


3 Month Plan For Success
(15 minutes)

Figuring out how to plan ahead
Ensure your site gets the results you want over the next 3 months

—– Be part of our workshop—–

How many places are there for a BDX Workshop?

There are 10 places for a BDX Workshop. We purposely set this number because it helps us to provide important information in a more personal setting where each individual is given more attention than the average workshop. We know no two businesses are the same, and this intimate workshop helps to inform those in different industries.

What actions do I need to carry out before taking part in a BDX Workshop?

For this workshop, you’ll need to sign up for Accuranker and Bright Local.

accuranker logo

Accuranker is a premier ranking service that we use. You can sign up for that here or by clicking on the logo.

Brightlocal logo

Bright Local is the top citation service in the UK and what we use to find and take care of local listings. You can sign up for that here or by clicking on the logo.

—– Improve your site—–

What things should I have ready before taking part in a BDX Workshop?

There are a few things you’ll need to make sure the workshop goes without a hitch. Most important is your company logo in the correct format. Because we’ll be working primarily with Google+, you need to make sure that logos and banner images are the right size.

g plus image sizes

The minimum size for a logo is 270×270 pixels. Ideally, the bigger and better the resolution of your logo the easier it will be to use. You’ll also need an image around 1080 x 608 for a Google My Business cover image.

Having high quality photos of your business is great to have to, and don’t forget to have all your business’ contact details and information at the ready too. Ideally you’re looking for around 3-5 high quality images we can use for setting up your page.

You’ll need an email address that you can access in order to set up your page. If you already have a Google Local page, you’ll need the login information to be able to edit it.

We also recommend preparing a short description of what your business does (around 50 words will do) to save some time when setting up your profile or creating local citations.

We’ll also be recommending some minor changes to make to your website, so ideally you’ll have access to your CMS to allow us to help you make these edits.

How much is the BDX Workshop?

The workshop price is £219 +VAT.

Have anything else you’d like to know about BDX Workshops?

You can book your spot by clicking on the Buy Now button which will take you to PayPal.


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